The price of led display is very different in the market. Among them, the led chip plays an important role. In the led package, the copper wire process is favored by led lamp manufacturers because it reduces the manufacturing cost and is therefore developed and put into use. , And has been recognized and used by many LED display manufacturers. However, in actual applications, compared with gold wire welding, the copper wire process has a series of problems. The detailed differences between the LED gold wire package and the alloy wire, copper wire and copper bracket are listed below in detail.

The difference between LED gold wire, alloy wire and copper wire can be clearly seen from the picture. Among them, the material of LED pure gold wire packaging has obvious advantages in oxidation resistance, back pressure resistance, conductivity, technical maturity and price. Yes, of course the price advantage refers to the increase in cost, and the LED alloy wire and copper wire have different shortcomings in Chengdu!

At present, the iron bracket products have been eliminated in the Huarong Optoelectronics production line, but there are still very few companies in the market that will use them in order to reduce costs! It can be seen that LED display screens often have to deal with large temperature differences during normal use. The bracket material will expand and contract with heat. The product life of the copper bracket can reach 5 years or more. The specific of the iron bracket The service life is only 1-3 years. LED display screens often face harsh environments such as rainy and damp, sunny days during use, which requires devices to have good performance in order to withstand external losses. Strong corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity can make the device have the advantages of longer life, better heat dissipation, and less light attenuation. Through comparative tests, we can conclude that the performance of the copper stent is far superior to that of the iron stent.

However, the price of copper stents is 10 times or more than that of iron stents. For this reason, many manufacturers disregard the quality of the devices, only pursue low cost and high return, and choose iron stents as raw materials. Therefore, so many “low-cost devices” appear on the market.

The difference between copper bracket and iron bracket is as follows:

The copper bracket has better corrosion resistance and longer service life

The copper bracket will not produce cracks during bending, the process is easy to control, and the scalability is excellent

The copper bracket has greater thermal conductivity, higher thermal conductivity, and faster heat dissipation. The thermal conductivity of the copper bracket is 401W/mk, and the copper thermal conductivity of the iron bracket is 80W/mk

The resistivity of the copper bracket is smaller and the conductivity is better! Copper bracket value: 1.75×10-8; iron bracket value: 9.78×10-8

The detailed difference between led gold wire, alloy wire and copper wire

Gold thread: LED gold thread deserves to be noble and noble, international standard, reliable, stable and guaranteed! It is made of pure gold with an Au purity of 99.99% or more, with stable and reliable performance.

Alloy wire: alloy wire is also called silver alloy wire. On the basis of gold wire, it is mixed with a large amount of silver, palladium to maintain IMC stability and a small amount of trace elements. It has a certain degree of oxidization, and it is not mature or used in old-fashioned wire bonding equipment. It needs to be installed with nitrogen protection before it can be used.

Copper wire: Copper wire includes single crystal copper wire and palladium-plated copper wire. High rigidity makes it more suitable for small wire bonding, but copper wire is more prone to oxidation and the process is unstable.

Performance test of led gold wire, alloy wire and copper wire

Back-pressure resistance test: Under the back-pressure resistance test, the LED gold wire encapsulated chip did not fail, and the test effect was high quality and obvious.

Anti-oxidation test: oxidation effect of led gold wire > alloy wire > copper wi

Production process: The gold wire has stable properties, is not easy to oxidize, and is easy to handle; the alloy wire needs a protective gas during the process, and the technical requirements are high; the copper wire has high hardness and is difficult to bon

The overall quality of the led display is inseparable from the core materials. Quality is the core foundation for the long-term and healthy development of the enterprise. While ensuring the quality, the cost of using the led gold wire packaging cannot be escaped. Both enterprises and customers need a true understandin

To cite a real case: a large number of dead lights occurred in the lamp beads shipped by a packaging factory, and the reasons for the failure were analyzed. Jian found that the diameter of the gold wire of the dead lamp lamp bead was 27.0±1.0μm, which was inconsistent with the 30μm specification of the gold wire reported by the customer. At the same time, the gold wire was scratched and the gold wire was blown by high current. Unqualified gold wire incoming materials were the main cause of the accident. The bonding wire is a gold wire with a diameter of about 27.0±1.0μm, which is inconsistent with the 30μm specification of the gold wire reported by customers. If the diameter of the gold wire is too small, the resistance of the gold wire will increase and the fusing current will decrease, which will greatly reduce the life of the LED light source.