This song always reminds me of  ‘Steady As She Goes’ by the Raconteurs for some reason. I think it’s the fact that both songs seem to completely revolve around a simple driving beat, and just add and remove layers to build and remove tension. It seems really simple in theory, and I’m sure to some it may be, but in practice it becomes so much harder to execute, and is often a sign of a really tight band. This style draws heavily upon a lot of the elements laid out by classic blues and funk songs, if the rhythm and feeling is there, you’re able to strip away all the excess layers of noise. While ‘Circadian Rhythm’ does have more production flourishes and washing synths than your typical James Brown song, it’s kinda cool to see the same techniques used in extremely contrasting genres. Music can be a divisive subject to some, but it’s up to real fans of  music itself to connect the similarities in genres and appreciate the differences. I could go on about this, I just hope I can inspire or build upon a love for all music in people, as opposed to those that get hung up on being genre-obsessed purists.

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