When I first started playing the guitar, I was a blues purist and, for the most part, I ignored the punk and alternative scene focusing more on the older more traditional guitar players. This song, and the album on which it appears, Daydream Nation, opened my eyes to more unconventional ways of playing the guitar and playing music. Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo remain two of my favourite guitar players and I feel this song is a perfect representation of what makes them so important. They are, in my opinion, the greatest innovators of guitar feedback since Jimi Hendrix, and the complete noise break in the middle of “Silver Rocket” blew my mind when I first heard it and still does today. Steve Shelley, the drummer on the track, takes the group right back into the song with some of the most precise drumming I’ve ever heard, and of course the rhythm section wouldn’t be complete with the solid backing from Kim Gordon, one of my favourite bass players, and one of my favourite people. This band is consistently fantastic and definitely deserves the first ever song of the day entry.

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