I’m disappointed by how long it took me to get into Wilco, having only really come to understand what makes them so great around early 2016. While they still consistently put out fantastic, genre-bending albums, this album was my first look at the not-quite-country alt-rock group, and as this is the first track off of the album, it was my first chance to appreciate them. What a great chance it was. From the militaristic intro drum beats through feedback and violin scratched rhythm to the screaming climax, this song can’t quite be characterized as anything except classic Wilco. There is an obvious Peter Laughner influence, including some direct quotes, in the lyrics, and it is apparent that Jeff Tweedy (lead singer/songwriter) and Peter share a reverence for the folk, blues, and noise-rock greats from Woody Guthrie, to Robert Johnson, to Lou Reed in the mixed bag of sounds that make up ‘Misunderstood.’ There is so much to be said about the importance of this track, but I think I will leave it there for now, naming ‘Misunderstood’ by Wilco, the Song of the Day

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