This song bridged what Dylan started with his two previous albums ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ and ‘Highway 61 Revisited.’ If there is any remaining gap between folk and rock & roll, this track, and the album on which it appears, Blonde on Blonde, doesn’t seem to notice. Dylan’s lyrics are as cryptic as ever and his voice is as unwaveringly bitter and brutally honest as his peak 60s protest songs. The reason this track remains one of my favourite of Dylan’s work is that it points directly at the many artists he inspired throughout his career. When listening to it, I at least, can imagine the Velvet Underground hearing it prior to writing ‘Run Run Run,’ David Bowie before ‘Suffragette City,’ or Iggy Pop recording ‘Sixteen.’ It is for these reasons that ‘Leopard-Skin-Pill-Box Hat’ is the SOTD for today.

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