This is the song people need today and throughout the past year, as it seems bad news just keeps coming. It contains such a perfectly bittersweet mixture of hope and hopelessness, harmony and dissonance, energy and restraint that it seems the perfect soundtrack to some of the suffering and confusion in the world today. The song appears to be a final address to Bowie’s family, friends, and fans, providing catharsis to those dealing with the news of his battle with cancer. The production and instrumentation on the track is beautiful, far and away my favourite of the ‘Blackstar’ album and one of my favourite Bowie tracks in general. The ways the saxophone floats in and out, the lead guitar plays minimalistic, short, poignant phrases, and the vocals sound so sharp and cutting, all lead to the creation of one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. This song is exactly what Bowie needed to leave us, and is accordingly today’s SOTD.

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