Having recently watched an in depth analysis of this song, I realized that the Beatles and Co. have been messing with out minds since way before ‘Revolver’ or ‘Sgt. Peppers’ they just got less subtle about it. The production on this song is by far one of Sir George Martin’s best work. Ringo plays among other percussion some bongos and some claves all mixed at different levels of reverberation and panned from right to left and back again, all of which give this sense of floating, as if the whole song were a flashback or a dream. This is what gives the song such a timeless feel. Similarly the riff that George plays for the intro (a consistent 4 note melody) mixed with shifting rhythm chords played by John gives an uneasy, unstable feeling that still nonetheless feels like home (a pretty damn difficult task). I could go on about the lyrics, and the key changes in the solo, and the overall impact of this song, but I think this gives a pretty good idea of how great this song was, and still is.

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