For a song written so fragmentedly (not sure if that’s a word, the dictionaries seem to be divided), one would expect it to lack some form of cohesion or structure, but that never seems to happen. This ballad of bittersweet love slowly falls together like I would expect of the process of painting (as you can tell I am certainly not a painter). Joni Mitchell is very well known to create songs as if she were creating an image; a blurry background of swirls of colour and emotion slow context is built as we arrive near the foreground; and finally, we are struck with the message of the song or the piece, how could it have taken us so long to realize? This form of songwriting is so difficult, and so potent, that when it is done right (as this song), it is done so, so right. This is one of the many reasons that Joni Mitchell is one of the greatest and more important songwriters of all time.

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