Jimmy Gibson

Songwriter / Filmmaker / Journalist

The Rat Race Is A Lot Less Fun Than The Name Implies (Or So I’ve Heard)

They emerge from doorway, head covered in lampshades
As strange as it may sound, I have just seen the light
So they take off their layers, blindfolds on the doorknobs
He runs off to join the church of a million sacred nights
She says you’re crazy we can’t put our money on islands
We can’t afford the money that we’re putting away
He thinks for a minute there and laughs unconvincingly
He can’t seem to hear what she was trying to say

“Oh darling, you have the knees of a priest,
Oh darling, you have the brains a wall
Oh darling, put on that jacket you’ll freeze”
But his slipper fell off, returning from the ball

Another pair now, both aces of diamonds
Watching the paint dry on the backs of their eyes
As you can guess they’ve been married for a while now
I hope you don’t mind if I take off my disguise
They’re sitting there complaining about the red sox
They’re sitting their counting the wool of shorn sheep
And now that they’ve finished doing their laundry
It’s time that they finish doing their sleep

“Oh darling, I got promoted, to the scrap heap”
“Oh darling, that’s great, when’s your next job?”
“Oh darling, it’s hard when you can’t cook or sweep
There’s not much work out there for fat ugly slobs”

They’re the third of the night, and they drink themselves sober
But they can’t seem to stand the way they look at themselves
So one turns to the other and says you sound like an angel
The other pulls out her earplugs, from drilling the shelves
It seems to me, the honest, eloquent outsider
They can’t seem to find the words, they’re too tired to try
There’s a reason, being here feels like a windmill
The rat race is a lot less fun than the name implies

“Oh darling, I built you a birdbath”
“Oh darling, that’s great, but we don’t get any birds”
“Oh darling, they’ll show up, I built them a footpath
Don’t look at me like that, I can’t find the words”
Don’t look at me like that, man, I can’t find the words
Don’t look at me like that, just because I built a bath for the birds