Jimmy Gibson

Songwriter / Filmmaker / Journalist

So It Goes

It’s all over the sheep have all turned into rainclouds

And the men on the lawn are all singing their prayers aloud

But the night isn’t here quite yet

The bookies still placing their bets

They’ll never know what they might get

They make themselves too proud

But the horses looked up and got scared

Of the riders and the whips they prepared

They retreated insane and ensnared

And ran straight into the crowd

I tried calling this morning but the night must’ve got to you first

I fed the beeping my lyrics and it booed me, said I was the worst

And I guess I’m interpreting noise

Like the vain and the self obsessed boys

It’s not like I can buy you your toys

Or heal what you nursed

So I packed my bags amidst the applause

But I stayed right where I was

And at that point the unflinching laws

Were all but submersed

The beekeepers daughter is ignored for the reasons you’d expect

She’s a woman and nature is our enemy, since the last time I checked

Seeing dawn now she breaks into hives

Seeking refuge in the king of the dives

It’s unknown how she seems to survive

Just like the ships that she wrecked

And the husband breaks into a grin

The politician’s tiny head starts to spin

He didn’t expect all his targeted men

To be so direct

It doesn’t seem like your style to fall in love with a singer

But after all the bootlegged stories I assume you could use yourself a ringer

And the soldier shoots himself in the toes

And the animals forced the zoos all to close

The alien just says so it goes

And pulls out a stinger

We move over unremarkable news

It’s just like us to lazily choose

The easy way out, there are few who refuse

Not to linger

He wrote me a story but he doesn’t seem to know I exist

But he’s been dead several years I expect he won’t know what he missed

In the war when he though he would die

Seeing bombs make a backdrop of sky

Cities gone in the blink of an eye

With a twist of his wrist

As the dust clears all he sees

Are a handful of ash coloured trees

And the birds who all seem

To persist

And the birds who all cease

To exists


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