Jimmy Gibson

Songwriter / Filmmaker / Journalist

4 – 3 – 2 – 1


Throw caution to the wall, you little acrobat

Dance across the moonlit, pulsing halls

Don’t ask yourself too many easy questions

It’s simple, just don’t ask anything at all

You’re Jackie in your rose-pink dress and diamonds

So dance while you’ve still got the guts to go

Don’t ask yourself too many easy questions

Lay down your wilting flowers in the snow

Everything seems dreamlike after midnight

Everything is fuzzy, pitch-black, falling down

You hedonistic queen, moonlight canary

They sing your praises ’til the walls come down


Waltzing like Marie before the evening

Shaking like a dog before a storm

“Why don’t you stay some more?” “I must be leaving”

“Then let me guide you calmly to the door”

Paint your portraits , smile, finish weaving

Your way between the buses and the trains

“Why don’t you stay some more?” “ I must be leaving”

“When will you come to see us again?”


I love the way the gold just sits there

I love the smiling stained glass roof

You like to think I’m going nowhere

I like to see some kind of proof



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