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Finally available on Spotify and iTunes!

Woohoo, my new EP: My Dog is My Biggest Fan is out now on iTunes and Spotify, links are available on the icons below.

Canadian Cancer Society EP Out Now

All proceeds from sales go to the Canadian Cancer Society, listen to some tunes, and help those in need, win win. Check it out here

New Track Update

Give a listen to the new track, link here

New: Live Compilation on Bandcamp

Check out new live recordings compilation on Bandcamp. Track Order: 01-Queen of the Mountain / 02-Love Lives Lonely Lovers / 03-Art (Denial) / 04-Hide Yourself (Sunday) / 05-Trying to Get Rid of a Headache/

New: Song of the Day

Every day I will be posting a short paragraph about a song from another artist I want to emphasize for it’s importance to me or to the world of music. Stay tuned for new SOTD.


Check out new lyrics here


Check out my new Bandcamp account for new live recordings. More to be posted soon