Artistic Portfolio


I am a multi-instrumentalist musician, songwriter and producer with a diverse catalogue of music ranging from quiet, quirky folk to gritty and noise heavy punk to smooth electronic ambient sounds. Here are some samples of my most popular work:

For a Different Girl This Time
The Rat Race is a Lot Less Fun Than The Name Implies
I Just Wanna Be Like You
Here Comes the Night Again
Truly Timeless

In addition to making purely listening music I have also worked to create scores to accompany short films with varying tones and aesthetic requirements, some examples of my work with scoring can be seen in the following “Film” section.


I have been a film director, writer, actor, sound designer, composer, editor and cinematographer on several short films with a penchant for bizarre stories and acting choices. Here are some of my films:

The Form of Liquid
Actor, Voice, Director, Writer, Composer
Songs, Like Subject Matter
Director, Editor
Impasse Exit No (taLk_i__ng3)
Actor, Editor, Series Creator
The Candle Initiative
Actor, Director, Writer, Composer, Cinematographer, Editor