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Writer: Rebecca Betterton Written by Auto Loans Reporter Rebecca Betterton is the auto loans reporter for Bankrate. She is a specialist in helping readers to navigate the details of borrowing money to buy a car. The article was edited by Rhys Subitch Edited by Auto loans editor Rhys has been editing and writing for Bankrate from late 2021. They are dedicated to helping readers gain confidence to control their finances by providing concise, well-studied information that is broken down into complex subjects into digestible pieces. The Bankrate promise

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Chevrolet Impala


Toyota Avalon


Chrysler 300



Buick LaCrosse


The best midsize cars A little increase in size and room from a sedan an midsize car has more legroom and trunk space for both passenger and driver. The top midsize vehicles have a balance of spaciousness and driving comfort by providing a large interior as well as a size that is yet feasible. In this class, the Sonata ranks first with J.D. Power, and is renowned for its outstanding fuel efficiency. For its middle-tier price point the Camry has driver assistance as well as excellent technological options. And the least expensive on the list, the Legacy has a high safety rating and has a high resale price. The Legacy is courtesy of Hyundai The best value midsize car


Hyundai Sonata


Toyota Camry


Subaru Legacy


Honda Accord


Kia Optima


Best midsize SUVs A midsize SUV provides the best of both when it comes to rugged performance, but not being too large to manage. It was a challenge to score these cars. be more of a challenge however, all of them received top scores in accordance with Kelley Blue Book, the Santa Fe beat out the other vehicles for its fuel efficiency and the latest technology. The Outback came in second with its available roof and cargo options, as well as a an incredibly comfortable driving experience. The Murano ranked for its safety rating and robust engine. Thanks to Hyundai Best value midsize SUVs


Hyundai Santa Fe


Subaru Outback


Nissan Murano


Chevrolet Blazer


Toyota 4Runner


Minivans that are the best no longer just the perfect vehicle for parents. Modern minivans boast the latest technologies and more space. The best minivan to spend your budget requires a lot of consideration regarding factors like space, dependability and safety. The Sienna is the top choice when it comes to the top minivans. J.D. Power rates it as one of the best minivans and it is a great fuel economy. The Carnival Odyssey and Odyssey are close behind, in scoring points for their powertrain handling and practicality and practicality, respectively. Thanks to Toyota Best value minivans


Toyota Sienna


Kia Carnival


Honda Odyssey


Chrysler Pacifica


Dodge Grand Caravan


Best hybrids and electric vehicles The landscape for eco-friendly vehicles has grown dramatically over the past few years in the accessibility and affordability. Check out the top options and think about a green auto loan to finance the purchase, with added discounts. While hybrid vehicles can be more expensive, the cost per mile could save you money over the long term. The first place winner, the Insight, offers an easy drive and high miles per gallon. It’s next, the RAV4 has a flawless Consumer Reports score along with more room than the competitors in this category. Finally, the least expensive choice that is the Kona one, is equipped with a strong turbo engine and a fun design. Thanks to Toyota Best value hybrids and EVs


Honda Insight


Toyota RAV4 Prime


Hyundai Kona


Kia Niro


Nissan Leaf


Best Compacts Compact cars are renowned for their easy commute and top-quality parking facilities. But the most small cars available also boast good fuel economy and some extra legroom. The top contenders in this category were determined by their reliability scores and the their ease of driving. J.D. Power rates J.D. Power’s Corolla with the top spot as the best reliable compact choice, alongside KBB as well as Consumer Reports giving almost perfect ratings. Similar in price, the Elantra has a turbocharged motor as an added feature and offers a more practical driving experience. The most affordable model Impreza, which is also the cheapest Impreza has a modern infotainment system and rapid steering. Thanks to Toyota Best value compact cars


Toyota Corolla


Hyundai Elantra


Subaru Impreza


Nissan Sentra


Chevrolet Cruze


The top SUVs and suburbans larger SUVs have the cost of higher but you get what you pay for. The winners for largest vehicles can accommodate up to eight people and are built out with the most modern technology. So, while this vehicle is generally more expensive, you can still garner good value with a higher-priced alternative. Although it’s the most expensive option, the Expedition ranks highly in Kelley Blue Book and boasts an towing capacity of 6,000 pounds. Next, recognized by its spacious interior and extreme towing capability, the Tahoe is a fantastic option for those looking to spend less on their expenses. Finally, the Yukon ranks high according to J.D. Power and allows for various trim changes. Through the generosity of Ford Best value SUVs and suburbans


Ford Expedition


Chevrolet Tahoe


GMC Yukon


Chevrolet Suburban


Nissan Armada


Best brands according to information obtained by J.D. Power during its 2022 U.S. Dependability Study, Genesis brand vehicles top the list of the top brands, and Kia came in first among the brands that are mass-market. Although most drivers have an affinity for one brand over the other, apart from reliability, this rank is based on the number of problems per 100 vehicles. Land Rover and Ram rounded off the list by having more than 250 problems per vehicle -two of the most dependable brands on the market in the opinion of J.D. Power. Best brands

Price vary


Between $17,490 and $52,590


$25,595 to $43,995


Between $20,200 and $48,740


Between $19,925 and $53,050

Methodology The vehicle ranking was based on a combination of findings from industry reports and the vehicle price. This gives a solid understanding of the worth each car has in accordance with industry standards as well as the ratio of price-to-purchase. Specifically, vehicles are scored using the basis of a 3-point scale that is derived from J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study. This study was designed to determine which cars in the last year held the longest lifetime for drivers. While not every car that made it in the top five spots was a winner from the study and was used as the primary determining factor. Along with J.D. Power, Kelley Blue Book’s expertise rating that is based on the scale of five points was included in the calculations. The five-point scale of Consumer Reports noting vehicle reliability was added. These combined factors were then evaluated using the cost of each vehicle, choosing the top five vehicles for each style. The value of the vehicle is based on a variety of factors. Are you constantly taking trips to the mechanic or are you getting a low gas mileage? Although these questions are vital when determining which vehicle is right to you — colour, make and model included — the most effective way to select a vehicle is to consider the amount you’re spending and what that cost per drive equals. Take advantage of the above scores when it comes time to purchase your next vehicle.


The article was written by Auto Loans Reporter Rebecca Betterton is the auto loans reporter for Bankrate. She specializes in assisting readers with the details of taking out loans to purchase an automobile. Edited by Rhys Subitch Edited by Auto loans editor Rhys has been editing and writing for Bankrate since late 2021. They are passionate about helping their readers get the confidence to take charge of their finances by providing well-informed, clear information that breaks down complicated topics into digestible pieces.

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